Know- A Poem

  (This poem is reflects my fears about sharing about my history of sex abuse and trafficking.) If you knew me Would you point your finger at me Turn your back against me Tighten your lips Into an angry line If you heard my story Would your thoughts turn Like sudden storm clouds If you [...]

Memories from a sex trafficked youth

Memories from a sex trafficked youth

I know it felt like I was the only one. Like somehow, our paths crossed like the wind blowing without direction. Now, I know better. Memories come back to me without asking permission. They come in pieces, I have to put them together again. Many times, the whole remains incomplete. Part of me wonders what [...]

Speaking Up; A Poem About Healing From Sex Trafficking

I have to speak. Every day I see more clearly. Once, I was a child who thought she knew the truth of her transgressions. Then, I was a young woman who covered her past with shame. Now, I am a woman who sees. I accepted the narrative my abusers gave me. I saw myself through [...]