Memories from a sex trafficked youth

Memories from a sex trafficked youth

I know it felt like I was the only one. Like somehow, our paths crossed like the wind blowing without direction. Now, I know better. Memories come back to me without asking permission. They come in pieces, I have to put them together again. Many times, the whole remains incomplete. Part of me wonders what [...]

Speaking Up; A Poem About Healing From Sex Trafficking

I have to speak. Every day I see more clearly. Once, I was a child who thought she knew the truth of her transgressions. Then, I was a young woman who covered her past with shame. Now, I am a woman who sees. I accepted the narrative my abusers gave me. I saw myself through [...]

Suboxone Taper Update- Nearing the Finish Line!

I have previous posts that detail my history of trying to get off suboxone. I actually tried really hard twice, and both times I was far too physically ill to finish. But as a brief recap: I started using heroin when I was 14 I started shooting up and using heroin on a regular basis at [...]