Honoring God with Our Fertility

Honoring God with Our Fertility

We live in a society that does not place too high of a value on children, or the women who raise them. There is a lack of respect for mothers who choose motherhood as their life's calling, rather than an outside career. Even within bible believing congregations, it is very common to condemn large families [...]

Freebirth Story on New Years Day!

*There is some nudity in these videos of my birth, but not very graphic* https://youtu.be/jcChg3_YFQ8 https://youtu.be/EVl1nn-6A1A https://youtu.be/nVoP6x9vpjI On New Years Day 2019, I gave birth to my 5th baby! My 4th daughter, and 2nd freebirth/unassisted birth. I was 40 weeks exactly, she was actually born on her guess date. I had contractions from my 2nd [...]

I Have FOUR Children, and I Know What Causes it!

"Do you know what causes that?" "Wow, your hands are full!" "Are they all yours?" Lately, I have noticed more of these kinds of comments when I'm out with my four little darlings. Maybe it's because school is in and we homeschool so our family stands out even more during morning trips. Maybe it's because [...]

Journey to Breastfeeding- Part 2

Baby Liora was about 1.5 weeks old. I threw out the rest of those tiny bottles of formula. I didn’t want them tempting me and taunting me as I tried to nurse my baby. I began to feel as if I was never wearing a shirt. I was always topless and putting her to the [...]