Body (Poem)

When puberty came, I kept Body slim and hungry When the male gaze found me, I covered Body with baggy clothes Scars form valleys and roads across Body, such as I raged against it Fingers down my throat, punishing. Young adulthood brought new understandings, Body grew and I allowed it to expand, to get full [...]

Hope of Spring

Hope of Spring

Trees carelessly spill apple blossoms, carpeting the ground I walk on with white and pink petals like drops of paint, tossed across the landscape of spring The air carries with it the flowering scents of a fertile earth pollen itches my throat, but I breathe it in deeply fill my lungs with it’s new life [...]

Speaking Up; A Poem About Healing From Sex Trafficking

I have to speak. Every day I see more clearly. Once, I was a child who thought she knew the truth of her transgressions. Then, I was a young woman who covered her past with shame. Now, I am a woman who sees. I accepted the narrative my abusers gave me. I saw myself through [...]