Honoring God with Our Fertility

Honoring God with Our Fertility

We live in a society that does not place too high of a value on children, or the women who raise them. There is a lack of respect for mothers who choose motherhood as their life's calling, rather than an outside career. Even within bible believing congregations, it is very common to condemn large families [...]

Biblical Response to Cutting/Self-Injury

I gave myself a rare treat tonight; a nice hot bath. As a mother of 4 (and counting) taking a bath is an indulgance I don't often get to enjoy. I was listening to an audio book of the gospel of John, when I noticed the marks all over my body. First, I looked at [...]

Accepting Love, After Sexual Trauma.

The deepest kind of sadness is felt by one who is lonely in that sadness. Although I endeavor to share my experience and my hope, there are certain places where that raw loneliness has remained untouched by another human soul. Those deep places, still bleeding after all these years. My sex is something painful. On [...]