Love You Enough to Live for You

When I was 15, I was in a “residential treatment center”. Basically, I lived with other teen girls in a big house and we went to school and therapy together. It was actually a very nice one (thanks mom). But the point of this story is this- one day during group therapy we were talking [...]

The Visceral Empathy of Motherhood; Krim Children Murders

I was checking the news tonight when I saw two little faces staring back at me from the screen. Two beautiful children, a 6yr old girl and 2yr old boy. I have never met them, but I recognized their faces immediately; Lucia "Lulu" and Leo Krim. Their nanny brutally killed them in 2012, she will [...]

Dear Mother, Dear Father..Your Child Was Sexually Abused.

Dear Mother, Dear Father: There is no easy introduction. There is no careful beginning to help soften the blow. When I was a child, a small child, I was sexually abused. This is a confession a life-time in the making. This is a truth never uttered verbally from my lips. Even staring at those words [...]