Dread of Morning- Poem

When I open my eyes The brightness of the morning Tells me I slept late I listen to the peaceful breathing Of my sleeping toddler Curled against my back For a moment, I try to imagine Relief Soon, the weight returns to crush my chest The sickening sense of dread Turns my stomach And despair [...]

Half Mother- Poem

Half Mother- Poem

We won’t go anywhere today My loves Body and mind separate Only a half mother is left Wash the dishes Clean the floors Push back the creeping darkness- Desires Raise your voice an octave and smile There is no help coming There is no one to reach inside you And resuscitate your deteriorating heart No [...]

Grieving My Aunts Sudden Death, Right Before Giving Birth

I received a text message from my mother before I had gotten out of bed, "Call me when you're up. It's important." I immediately got out of bed, my heart beating faster. I knew something very bad had happened, because there is no way she should ever text me like that otherwise. I tried to [...]

The Lies of the Enemy vs. The Glorious Truth

I have been very busy lately with the end of this semester fast approaching, along with life’s other obligations. I’ve been able to spend some time praying though, and it has brought up a theme for me; resisting temptation and the lies of the enemy. This is in stark contrast to the promises of Yahweh, [...]

Accepting Love, After Sexual Trauma.

The deepest kind of sadness is felt by one who is lonely in that sadness. Although I endeavor to share my experience and my hope, there are certain places where that raw loneliness has remained untouched by another human soul. Those deep places, still bleeding after all these years. My sex is something painful. On [...]