Get to Know Me

Hello fellow recovering mothers, curious readers, and friends. I am a woman in my late 20s, a homeschooling mother of many young children, and I also happen to be recovering from drug addiction and mental illness.

On most days you will find me changing diapers, wiping dirty faces and hands, going to school, breastfeeding, giving hugs to my little munchkins, baking like crazy and somehow finding the time to blog a little bit about it all!

I am a student birth doula, and pursuing my R.N and midwifery degrees. I am an advocate for normal birth and breastfeeding.

I am officially diagnosed with (drum roll please….) Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD and anxiety. I spent most of my teenage years and early adulthood in and out of psychiatric hospitals, and on and off the streets due to my addiction. When I look around me now- I see so much love; in the tiny hearts I created with my husband, the way my husband supports me, and in the hope we have as we create our family and our future. That does not mean that I never struggle, I do, but I am in recovery and loving it. Join me 🙂

Please follow me on Twitter and check back for new posts about my adventures in motherhood and recovery.






  1. You have gone through a very hard and difficult life. In ways you are still going through a hard time. In life no matter how our lives have been we need God and Jesus Christ throughout it all. They are not a religion. They are Themselves. God has His laws. (His commandments and statutes). That’s what we follow. We follow Him, not what manmade religion tells us. He gives us all a choice if we want to follow Him or not. God knows all that you feel and are going through. He cares. In a room, a closet, in the car, talk to Them about how you feel. Day to day life. Whether you feel happy or sad let Them lead you through everything. Also spiritual warfare is very difficult. It attacks our minds. Whether you follow Them or not know that They love you. Always know that!

    I will pray for you.

    Live well friend.


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