I Quit Heroin, but I Can’t Quit My Phone

I Quit Heroin, but I Can’t Quit My Phone

I wrote this piece on Medium. It was very hard for me to confess this addiction I have, but I hope it is the first step to freedom.

Choose Life

As I cope with the lingering physical (hello, exhaustion!) and mental (hello, irritability!) effects of withdrawal from suboxone, my thoughts have turned to this process of recovery. Specifically, the spiritual implications of recovery. The Bible often presents us with two divergent paths. We are given a choice. Do we want the world, or do we [...]

What Does Sex Trafficking Really Look Like? A Survivor’s Perspective.

I was listening to Cyntoia Brown speak about her experiences as a teenage sex trafficking victim, and she explained how she did not realize she was a victim at first. In fact, it took her years before she understood she was taken advantage of and harmed by adults. This may fly in the face of [...]