Honoring God with Our Fertility

Honoring God with Our Fertility

We live in a society that does not place too high of a value on children, or the women who raise them. There is a lack of respect for mothers who choose motherhood as their life's calling, rather than an outside career. Even within bible believing congregations, it is very common to condemn large families [...]

Momma, When You Feel “Touched Out”

This is a picture my 6yr old daughter snapped of me breastfeeding my 2yr old son, while heavily pregnant. I love what this picture captures, his smile at me and my joy in him. I also love that my daughter decided to take the photo. But breastfeeding through my 5th pregnancy has been challenging in [...]

14 Weeks Pregnant Already? (Unassisted Pregnancy Journal)

The belly is obvious, and soon I will feel kicking (I usually feel my babies around 16 weeks). I cannot believe the 1st trimester is over already. I was feeling really exhausted and sick, so I am thankful to be mostly back to my normal self again. Of course I am still exhausted, but the [...]