Body (Poem)

When puberty came, I kept Body slim and hungry When the male gaze found me, I covered Body with baggy clothes Scars form valleys and roads across Body, such as I raged against it Fingers down my throat, punishing. Young adulthood brought new understandings, Body grew and I allowed it to expand, to get full [...]

Momma, When You Feel “Touched Out”

This is a picture my 6yr old daughter snapped of me breastfeeding my 2yr old son, while heavily pregnant. I love what this picture captures, his smile at me and my joy in him. I also love that my daughter decided to take the photo. But breastfeeding through my 5th pregnancy has been challenging in [...]

Can Moms of Small Children Still Follow Their Dreams?

Can moms of small children still follow their dreams? I often hear from fellow mothers of small children that they are overwhelmed and stressed out. I nod my head in agreement, I feel ya. We are doing a lot, every day, and without much time to ourselves. Many days, we are lucky to be able [...]