Coming to

The clouds begin to part and my minds begins to wake again. I look around myself. The dishes in the sink. Every table surface covered in lazily misplaced books and toys. I remember that I did not always live this way. I begin to see again, like when your eyes adjust to opening after deep sleep dreaming. The many unattended aspects of regular life are a testament to the hole I fell inside of. The interior life overwhelming the exterior. The past becoming more present than the now.

But here I see a new day. I can start slow, picking up the pieces of real life. A smile for my children. A short game of cards together. Cook dinner for the first time in weeks. The mother inside of me has been loving them through a storm, but how I miss the days of sunshine! Come back to me, present. Come back to me, simple things. Don’t allow me to drown in the memories, the regrets, the passions. Give me the quiet of our life again.

Part the clouds, let the sun in.

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