Four Days of NO Suboxone- Success!

I wanted to give a little update on my suboxone detox. You can read my previous post here!

I was taking 1/8th of 1mg when I took my last dose on Wed morning. I had to take the kids to their Wed activities. I decided thursday would be my first day without any suboxone- my “jump off” day.

Typically with suboxone withdrawal the first day off is the easiest, the second day off is harder, and the third day is when it fully hits you.

But that was not my experience this time.

I felt pretty terrible on Thursday, but I was able to be up in the house and do some regular chores. I was very irritable, and my muscles felt very fatigued.

The next day on Friday, I felt pretty much the same, but slightly better.

That night however, I was sweating it out really bad. I felt so utterly exhausted. I was thinking in my head that I wanted to take a small amount of suboxone, but I was too exhausted to get up and try. I was able to sleep deeply most of the night, which was a blessing, because whenever I was awake I felt miserable.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I opened my eyes at 7am and immediately I realized how much  better I felt. I was surprised, because I was expecting withdrawal to get worse. I experienced a lot of muscle fatigue that makes me feel lazy all day, but my overall symptoms were significantly better.

Saturday night, I was hit with severe restless legs. It felt like everys single muscle fiber was twitching and agitating me relentlessly. I was also experiencing insomnia on top of this. I was hesitant, but I decided to take 1mg of xanax to help with the restless legs and insomnia. I do not want to become dependent on benzos, and they give me side effects, so this was a one time decision.

It was the right choice, because it settled my legs down enough to give me some relief and I was able to sleep well. Sunday morning came, and I felt very good. All of sunday my biggest complaint was muscle fatigue. It makes it difficult to get tasks done, because moving my body feels like a task in and of itself!

It is now sunday night, and I am experiencing some mild insomnia and mild restless legs. Its at a tolerable level. I am feeling great emotionally, the irritability is almost gone.

I am pretty shocked by how easy this has been considering how incredibly sick withdrawal from suboxone made me the last two times I tried.

Going very, very, VERY slowly is key! I gave my body ample time to adjust to a lower dose, and I cut down a small amount at a time. Apparently, my body was not very reliant on it anymore because of how small the dose was.

I expect to deal with acute symptoms for another week or so, and then PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome). I believe that I can handle it, and I am very excited to be starting 2020 free from opiate dependence!


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