Update on my Physical Health (Lyme, and Detox)

I wanted to give an update on how my recovery is going from Lyme, as well as a long overdue update on my suboxone detox journey. If you haven’t heard of my suboxone detox experiences yet you can start with this blog post.

I am feeling significantly better with the Lyme disease. I finished my antibiotics, and they seem to have done their job. I’m thankful to be the type of person who avoids using antibiotics because when I rarely need them, it tends to work well. I had a huge “bullseye” bite mark that took a while to go away, but that has cleared up entirely. I still want to check in with an infectious disease specialist just to be certain it’s okay. I’m also learning as much as I can about Lyme in hopes of preventing a long-term infection, and because I want to understand this illness better.

As for the suboxone, I have EXCITING news. I am truly excited over this! Some of you have followed my story with this on  youtube and have seen me struggle with getting off this opiate medication. My last attempt was brutal. Truly it was brutal. It has been 10 long years! I am thankful for this medication helping to save my life, but it has been so difficult to get off of. But, finally, I am down to .5mg per day!

Guys, this is a HUGE DEAL. I have never, ever, EVER been anywhere near such a low dose. The key has been slow and steady. I have gone down very slowly, and I have held that dose for months at a time. After my last attempt to get off, I shocked my body, which was bad, but it also allowed me to take half my previous dose when I went back on it. I never went above 6mg during my pregnancy and usually took 4mg, which is unheard of for me during pregnancy. As soon as Lauryn was born, I cut my dose in half (which I always do after I give birth, because of losing that extra blood). So I went down to 2mg and slowly SLOWLY got down to .5mg.

I feel really happy about this, because my withdrawal symptoms are very manageable. I feel achy, tired, and like my muscles are made of jelly in the mornings and at night. But during the rest of the day I feel like my normal self. I’m making sure not to push my body too hard, because I have made that mistake before. I am SO close, but at this stage it is actually even more important to go down by tiny increments. Every tiny bit has a greater impact, and I feel the difference if I accidentally take too little (because I have to cut up my dose).

But, I can see the end of the road and I cannot wait for my body to be opiate FREE for the first time since I was a teenager. I expect to be done within 6 months, but I’m following my body’s lead. I also feel great mentally/emotionally which has not always been the case in my previous attempts. I think the fact that life is stable and good right now, along with not forcing my body into serious withdrawal, has allowed my emotional well-being.

So, that’s it folks. God is GOOD.


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