Your Questions about Suboxone During Pregnancy Answered; Series

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We hear in the news often about the terrible opiate epidemic plaguing so many of our towns and cities. With a sudden increase in opiate addicts, there has been a subsequent crisis of babies born dependent on opiates (notice I didn’t say “addicted”, more on that later). Thankfully, more medical professionals are understanding what these pregnant women need to stay off drugs and have a healthy pregnancy.

I have had multiple babies while on suboxone. Without going into my whole story, I became addicted as a young teenager and I started suboxone after getting off methadone. I am currently almost finished with my taper, but I’ve been taking suboxone unapologetically for ten years. I was one of the addicts who would not have survived without MAT (medication assisted treatment). During this decade of using suboxone as part of my treatment plan, I got married and have had 5 children!

I noticed the severe lack of up to date information for women who are taking suboxone during pregnancy. Like any mother, they reached out to me with concerns ranging from neonatal withdrawal syndrome, their worries over relapse, and concerns of being judged by medical professionals. In this era of social media, we are still sorely lacking mother-to-mother conversations about recovery. I will do my small part to fill that gap over a series of blog posts on this subject.

I will provide commentary about (and links to) the most recent research on suboxone during pregnancy (you have much to be hopeful about). It was common practice to put every opiate dependent mother on methadone, but this is finally changing because of studies showing a much less significant withdrawal period in babies born on suboxone. Although if you are taking methadone, please don’t feel bad about it, every situation is unique and no two pregnancies are the same.

I will use my experience as a mother on suboxone, as well as my background as a doula to help answer questions about navigating the maternity care system as a mother on MAT.

Lastly, I will share my experience with you and offer you the chance to send in questions you would like answered or share your experience if you have given birth on suboxone.

Most importantly, please don’t judge yourself harshly. Everyone’s ideal is a medication free life and pregnancy, but sometimes the BEST thing you can do for your baby is take medication. I am as natural minded as one gets, but I understand addiction and there are no cookie cutter answers.

The blog schedule will be; (TBA)

– “Is Suboxone Safe During Pregnancy/Caring For Your Baby”

– “Be Your Own Advocate/Navigating the Maternity System”

– “My Experience on Suboxone During Pregnancy/Q&A”

Please join in the discussion!


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