Summertime with Five Kids

Many parents feel overwhelmed by summer because they are used to kids being in public school, but since we homeschool it isn’t an adjustment for us. Still, our days get longer and hotter and our schedule relaxes. Something about the heat seems to bring out the sibling squabbling, but being outside is a wonderful release of their energy.

It is July 12th. Our third child, Zipporah turned 5 on the 7th! Here is a snapshot of summer life with five kids.

Outings to local parks

Outing to Botanical Garden

4th of July

Swimming and Chillin 

Spending Time Together at Home and in Town


We haven’t made any grand plans for this summer, and it feels like it’s flying by at super speed. I hope to make it to the beach for a weekend at least once. We have a birthday party planned for our daughter Zipporah (5 years old!), and a few family visits with cousins and aunts coming up. They have one week of YMCA camp this month, VBS after that, and then cheerleading begins in august. Then, the fall will come and the typical school year begins again!

I’m soaking up their youth. I feel amazed at their growth each summer compared to the last. Yah is good.


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