The Cares of This World, And How to Defeat Them

I live in the United States, and according to the government our family is poor. With 5 children and two adults, our income is just enough. As the “Our Father” prayer asks “give us our daily bread”, he has given us our daily bread. But what about more? And what if one day, that bread is gone?

The cares of this world, anxiety over the future, can easily choke the seed of faith planted within our hearts.

I can only speak of life here in the States, because that is what I know, but we have an obsession with “more”. We want things bigger, newer, faster, and better. We want the house, the cars, the pool, the career. We want the attention, the respect, the fame.

But what does our Messiah promise us? Trials and tribulations. Testing our faith as gold is refined in the fire. The world that we so often covet, hated and still hates our Messiah. That means it hates us as well.

And yet, so often that is what is held before our eyes as what we should desire! The world, and all it’s glittering things. But scripture tells us that it will all be burned. Tossed away like chaff. Garbage.

What is our focus? What do our children see when they watch us?

Are our eyes focused on worldly things, or heavenly things? Do you allow the allure of money and status to occupy your heart, when it should be set on things above? Heavenly things.

We are pilgrims! Foreigners in a strange land. Our nation is a heavenly nation. Our King is on High. We do not seek the things of this world or desire as the world desires.

But in today’s day and age, it is all too easy to be caught in that trap. We are inundated with pictures of luxury and fame. We have a device and screen in front of our eyes all the time. The messages we receive must be filtered through the Word of God, or we will falter. Do not allow unclean things before your eyes and ears and in your homes.

Be the household that serves Yahweh.

Let your children see your heart is set on Him!

Who do you trust? It is so hard to toil at a job you don’t like, or watch your husband do that. It is so hard to live week to week, paycheck to paycheck. It can lead to discontentment, grumbling, and fear.

This when the lessons given to us in scripture are so readily applied to our lives. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of years ago the Israelites roamed the desert, their dissatisfaction and lack of faith remains a stark reminder to us all.

We want to enter to the Promised Land. We need to stand on our forgiveness, repent when we lack faith or seek the world and it’s promises of comfort.

This is not a comfortable faith. We follow after a Messiah who carried a cross and was killed. Then, he turns to us and says “come, follow me”.

Follow me to death. Follow me to redemption. Follow me to a peculiar life.

He went to prepare a place for us, we must prepare our hearts. We must consider the example we give our children.

Give thanks in ALL circumstances. Be faithful and run the race. With endurance we run the race. All for Him.

In the end we hear “well done good and faithful servant”!



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