The Benefits of Running Errands Together in a Large Family

With five children ages 8 years to 5 months, it’s important to find time alone with each child. It can be difficult, but I have found going food shopping or doing other errands together is one of the best ways to get regular alone time together.

I plan on food trips when I know my husband is home so I can leave the other kids at home with him. We go in age order so we don’t have arguments over whose turn it is.

This last time I took my 6 year old daughter Li. She is my strong willed child. The spite fire, as they say. I admit that sometimes I spend too much time correcting her behavior than enjoying her company. So, it was really enjoyable to be with her alone.

I realized how funny she is! Her anger is intense so I tend to over focus on that. She is really, genuinely funny. She is at an age where we can share jokes that aren’t preschooler nonsense. I think we found our first “inside joke” on our trip!

It was silly but hilarious. We went to a food store that I don’t usually use, and it had those fake cars attached to the cart. She was “driving” the car while I pushed the cart. She realized that on the horn, it said “BEAN”. We both expected it to say “BEEP” since it’s a fake car horn! But, no it said “BEAN”.

This lead to me “driving” her fast down the aisles (it was late and very few people were shopping there), while she honked the horn yelling “BEAN BEAN, BEAN BEAN” and I would slam the “breaks” and we both cracked up.

I had so much fun with her doing a typically mundane task like food shopping. It feels so good to get to know my children better as individuals as they grow older.

So, I highly recommend running errands with each child! And, maybe yell “BEAN BEAN” while grocery shopping once in a while too!


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