The Cares of This World, And How to Defeat Them

Are our eyes focused on worldly things, or heavenly things? Do you allow the allure of money and status to occupy your heart, when it should be set on things above? Heavenly things.


In Our Weakness…

Sometimes I feel so defeated as a mother. Are we allowed to speak this truth? Child of my own flesh and blood, yet she remains a mystery to me. I try to build strong walls to keep her from turning to the right or to the left, but I am reminded of my human frailty. 

Looking Forward, Looking Back

This spring weather has been unpredictable. Unseasonably warm sunshine bleeds into dark curling storm clouds, threatening tornados. Some evenings I walk outside and breathe in the smell of the wet earth, growing again after the floods. Then, I take the children for walks during the day and we save half-dried worms off the warming concrete sidewalks. I’m not sure why, but I could never leave them there to wither.