Trip to Sterling Hill Mine Museum

I took all five of the kids to Sterling Hill Mine Museum, with a group of other homeschoolers. My oldest daughter Noemi was scared to go at  first, because she had ideas about it collapsing on us. I convinced her to come, and she loved it! My 6 year old daughter Liora was excited to go, but once we got to the part of the tour where they discuss the dangers the miners faced, she panicked. She cried the rest of the tour! Thankfully, she enjoyed the next two florescent rock exhibits and finding her own rocks to take home. Chasing my two year old through the mine wasn’t easy either, but he really enjoyed himself!

After the tour and finding our own rocks, we sat down outside for some lunch. Then, we left to join the group at a local park. The kids ran and played and exhausted themselves. I felt blessed to be there, it was a good day.



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