Nesting, Nesting, Nesting- 39 Weeks Pregnant

I kind of overdid it today. I had to sit down, and drink some orange juice. Nesting is the phenomenon many pregnant women experience towards the end of their pregnancies, where they feel the need to clean and organize everything before the baby comes. I always get this sudden urge to scrub, vacuum, wash, and organize everything in sight. After the holidays this week, my apartment was a disaster zone so I went a little crazy cleaning up. It does feel good, those 5 minutes of a clean home, before the four kids destroy it again!

Actually, my girls have been generally very good and helpful with cleaning up when I ask them to. My son, that 2 yr old terror, is another story. Don’t let his adorable face fool you, he can cause more mayhem than a feral cat.

I am trying hard not to focus on my “due date” which is only 4 days away. I swore I would “go early” this pregnancy, yet here I am still pregnant. I do this to myself every time! I should know better by now.

Anyway, I am ready to meet this baby! Come baby, before I have to go another cleaning spree…

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