It is hard to add to her testimony of faith and healing. I urge everyone to read it and be spiritually strengthened, and also to help take practical action to fix our legal system that has allowed this injustice to occur.

Toddling Faith

This is the most difficult post I have written. August 16th  is the 7-year anniversary of my family’s death. Although I have shared about my loss and the tragic events that took place, I have been relatively private regarding the legal aspect of this journey. However, recent events have compelled me to speak up and try to raise public awareness regarding my family’s experience with the criminal justice system. Something is amiss and needs to be brought to light. “If you see something, say something”. We are regularly reminded that we should speak up when something does not seem right. I have learned that ignoring what we see and hear can lead to destruction.

I have four goals in sharing my story:

  1. I hope to raise community awareness that my brother is being recommended for outpatient treatment and may be gaining access to the public.
  2. I hope that…

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A humbly recovering mother of little beautiful children. I want to share my heart, my struggles, my triumphs, and my dreams. Recovery from mental illness/drug addiction is not easy, but it IS possible. Motherhood is not easy either, but its rewards are rich and the journey is easier when we share together. Faith & Family

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