Kiwi Crate Review for Homeschooling

Hello! I decided to order the kiwi crate for my 7yr old daughter as a way to supplement her STEM education in a fun way. I like it so much I plan on adding my 6yr old to get a crate just for her, and a Koala crate for my 4yr old.

*I have NO association with this company, and I am getting nothing for this review. I am just a regular costumer*

So, the first crate came in the mail in July. I told my daughter she would getting mail, and showed her the commercials from the website. She was excited, and we tracked the package from California all the way to our home state of NJ which turned out to be fun in its own way. Getting the mail is part of the whole experience for my kids.

The first crate we received was the claw. (Which I accidentally deleted pictures of! Opps)

This month’s crate had two projects for a kaleidoscope.





1.) The materials are very well made. For the price, I am pleased with the quality of materials being used and I expect the creations to last for a while.

2.) The directions are clear, include pictures, and are easy to follow. I helped my daughter with reading some of it because she isn’t a grade level reader, but she did the majority of the actual building.

3.) Each box comes with a magazine that goes over the STEM subject being explored. It includes activities, stories, and MANY other projects you can do at home with basic things you likely have on hand. It really is a lot for the price because you can use those projects for the rest of the month. The extras really drive home the STEM lesson in a fun way.

4.) The element of surprise! This goes along with the enjoyment the kids get from receiving their own mail, each time the contents are a surprise. My daughter loves opening the box and not knowing what she will be making or learning about. It helps to keep their interest.

5.) It makes it easy on parents! I put together my own homeschooling curriculum, which is a lot of work for the core subjects. I am happy to have something delivered to my doorstep, that includes everything we need. I don’t have to go out and purchase more materials, and I don’t have to put it together. I welcome easy, it’s rare!

Also, the first month I was able to get the box for 50% off just by signing up with my email and sharing a post about it on Facebook. It is worth the try, and I think it’s a great addition to homeschool.

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